9 Yummy treats for Green Tea Lovers


photo by: @michikusaya

You’ve heard a lot about Matcha Green Tea, Right? But did you know that it is not just an ordinary green tea that we usually drink. How about adding it to our favorite sweet treats.

I will show you some popular matcha green tea treats that you cannot just enjoy it drinking but eating it with different variety of desserts. A dessert that you can simply add with a lot of health benefits to your everyday diet. Green tea lovers will surely love to try these!

1.Kitkat Matcha Green tea: The most popular Japanese matcha green tea chocolate snack with wafer inside. Some will say it taste like a grass!  But on a green tea lover they get addicted to it like they were in cloud nine that slowly melted on their mouth.

photo by: foodgal.com

photo by: foodgal.com

2.Pocky Matcha: It is a crunchy biscuit stick blended with a silky green tea cream.

photo by: jenniferslcc.wordpress.com

photo by: jenniferslcc

3.Mcdonald’s Matcha Mcflurry: A new McDonald’s summer ice cream treat, piggie’s Oreo matcha mcflurry. A flavory vanilla soft-serve ice cream sprinkled with crushed Oreo on top and mixed with creamy Green tea-flavoured bits.


4.Matcha Oreo cookies: A full-sized soft Oreo sandwich cookie filled with green tea matcha cream filling in the middle. Oh. Twist, Lick and Lick!


5.Starbucks Green tea Matcha Latte: A Starbucks smoothie with matcha tea powder dissolves into milk and water. You can enjoy this with cold and hot beverage depends on what you preferred. You can also try and make your own Matcha Latte on your home.


6.Barista’s Matcha Tea Café’: A unique creamy taste matcha latte drink that is very affordable.


7.Matcha Green Tea Macarons: Macaron Sandwiches with matcha batter and brown sugar cream that is perfectly soft to bite. Indulge!


8.J.Co Green Tease:  Oh yes dear, J.CO also offers Matcha green tea flavoured donuts. Grab a dozen now and you’ll experience heaven.


9.Kitkat Green tea cornetto: A newly commercialized cornetto flavoured ice cream that is awesomely delicious.


Those are just examples of matcha green tea snacks that you can try. But take note, Matcha green tea is good for your diet but remember everything that is too much is bad and watch out for your SUGAR!

Try it with yourself and experience the heavenly taste of matcha green tea snacks and drinks!