The Beer we Share as Father and Son

happy fathers day

San MigLight. A common beer found in stores. But to me, it has a slightly deeper significance.  Aside from being the preferred beer brand on the scope of relatives, it’s what brought me and my dad closer.

My first experience with beer came when I was 7 years old. I came along with my mom to fetch my dad at his local bar haunt. Once there, my dad had the bright idea of letting me take a sip of his brew. It was Pale Pilsen. It tasted like kerosene. I wondered why people drank that stuff.

I started drinking near the legal age, beer was a common choice at that time given that we were students and had a limited budget when we need to get wasted. San Mig Light being one of the available and cheap ones.  Not just for drinking with friends, everytime we have a family gathering, it was the drink of choice. It wasn’t that bad, it grows on you with time.

Me being me, I often find myself at the adults table drinking with my uncles and cousins along with my dad. I got to know the side of him that I barely see when I was growing up. He is a wizened man, honed from the years of travel and work who really wants to make up for lost time with his children.

Growing up in a household where both parents were working, I got used to not being able to interact with my parents on a regular basis. I understood that they were working hard for us and I do appreciate what they have done. I mean, they both got all of us through our degrees in good universities in the country.   Seeing that side of my dad, I couldn’t help but to bond with him little by little through drinking.

Although not often, I talk to him about my life and career when both of us were in a buzz. He gives sound advice and regales me with stories of his own. Some before the time I was born. I’ve lived for more than 20 years and it was in drinking with him, I truly came to know the man who is my father.

The day will come when I can no longer clink bottles with my dad, where the seat where he once sat will be vacated. That’s probably the time I would take his place in the seat, and invite my own kids (once they are of drinking age) to clink bottles with. I guess, I want to keep the spirit of my dad alive with the beer we share as father and son.

I raise my bottle to my father and to all the fathers and soon-to-be fathers in the world.

happy fathers day

Happy father’s day!

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