Grocery Goodies from Binondo

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Binondo Grocery Goodies – Round 1

by: Alrik Estrada

I’m going to start a semi-regular series of posts related to the uncommon food that I find in the supermarkets. I’ll do my best to describe the taste and price,as well as where to buy the items.

Starting off this segment with three items:
: Grocery Goodies

 (Left– Caramel Flavour Marshmallow Spread, Center– Seaweed Crackers, Right– Green Tea Mochi)

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

What is it?:Caramel Flavor Marshmallow Spread

Where did I find this?:Shopper’s Mart In Binondo

How much?:P 187.25 per jar

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

(Oh, give me that oozing goodness)

The first thing that came to mind was joy. I’ve been looking for readily-available marshmallow spreads for quite some time now. Now, lo and behold, I got one at last. The price is definitely a steal for this item. It also comes in regular and strawberry flavors.


                 (Bread or cookies, it works)                (As well as dipping your fingers)

 Taste: The caramel hit comes later after you immersed your taste buds in the gooey meltyness.

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

What is it?:S.K. Seaweed Crackers

Where did I find this?:Shopper’s Mart In Binondo

How much?:P 105.00 per pack

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

(Good things come in small packages)

This was a surprise buy back when I first encountered it. Each pack contains 27 small packets like the one above and each pack contains 10 thin crackers. Imagine that, you get to run through 270 pieces of this and before you know it, you find yourself lining back to the store for more.


(Yes, it’s that thin)

Taste: You can taste the subtle seaweed that compliments the sweetness of the cracker. At times, you can just let the cracker dissolve in your mouth and let the flavor do the talking.

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

What is it?:Royal Family Green Tea Mochi

Where did I find this?:Shopper’s Mart In Binondo

How much?:P 68.00 per pack

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

(Don’t worry, it will not climb out)

The finger-sized pieces offer much to the imagination of one that loves the taste of Matcha or Green Tea. Each pack only contains 6 pieces so if I were you, I’d buy extra.
Grocery Goodies from Binondo

(For the sake of the article, I had to refrain from eating this in one bite)

Taste: The green tea flavor is mostly in the dough with the bean filling adding a good complement. At first the taste is not too noticeable. But once you are done, it lingers around your tongue.

That about does it for the inaugural post for this segment.Until next time. Off to the grocery store I go!!

 Bonus Picture:

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

(Because there is no rule saying that green tea mochi and marshmallow spread could not be eaten together. And it is a delicious combination if I do say so myself.)

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

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