New York Knicks Adds Former MVP To Their Roster

derrick rose

In the 2016 free agent market that headlines Kevin Durant, some teams have began to pursue other options if the superstar fails to land on them.

Last June 22, 2016, the New York Knicks acquired Point Guard and former MVP Derrick Rose in exchange for Jose Calderon, Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant.

Rose as seen by critics, is a shadow of his 2010-2011 season form after getting sidelined by multiple injuries.

As of the 2015-2016 season, Rose has been a resurgent talent as playing 66 games (his most played after recovery) averaging 17 points, 45.3% field shooting and 55.3% in the paint.

Despite this, he could not carry the team to the post season alongside Pau Gasol and Jimmy Buttler. Fears still loom on the overall health of Rose as his speed and intensity shown in his MVP campaign, has diminished.

The trade favors both teams in a sense.

The Knicks get a point guard that has the potential to close out games as well as to provide support for fellow stars Anthony and Porzingis. And if Rose ever gets back to full form, the Knicks will be a force to be reckoned with in the east.

Knicks President Phil Jackson also reported that they are going after Kevin Durant. Imagine this lineup.

image by: Bleacher Report

image by: Bleacher Report

For the bulls, they have unloaded their former star in exchange for key role players and cap space to retool their roster around Butler and Gasol.

Rose has said in a statement after the trade that he is thankful for the organization. The Chicago native will be missed in his former team while New York gives him a welcome fit for a star.

image by: Bleacher Report

image by: Bleacher Report

Let’s hope that injuries will not hinder the comeback of the Derrick Rose of old.

Moving on to the highlights,let’s remember his explosiveness as a player – We believe in you Derrick Rose. You will rise again.


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