[Playlist] – K- Rainy Day


This post segment would cover recommendations for both casual and experienced listener to see that there is more to Korean music than what you are currently hearing.

I won’t go into specifics on the artists or groups featured here as exploring them is up to the listener. I’m just here to lead you to k-music that I find enjoyable to listen.As much as possible, I’ll post the lyric translations for your reference.

For today’s playlist, I will link you to 10 songs that you might enjoy while staying indoors while raining. Limit is one song per artist / group.

  1. Taeyeon – Secret

Audio & Lyrics: 

  1. Ibadi – Hello Hollow


Lyrics: Click me

  1. Kyuhyun – Because I Miss You

Audio & Lyrics:

  1. Verbal Jint (feat. Sanchez) – You Deserve Better

MV w/ subs:

  1. Clazziquai – Think About You


Lyrics: Click me

  1. Royal Pirates – Haru

Audio & Lyrics: 

  1. J. ae – Did I love you?


No Translated Lyrics Available

  1. Ailee – Teardrop

Audio & Lyrics: 

  1. IU – Alone in the Room

Audio & Lyrics: 

  1. One Way – Rainy Days

MV w/ Subs: 

Tune in next time for more.

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