Aliens are on its way… towards our cinemas

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In case you desire the crazy excitement, as well as the mind-blowing thrilling experience which science tales deliver, the film to please all that this season is at long last here.

Featuring five-time Academy Award-nominee Amy Adams (Man of Steel), two-time Academy Award-nominee Jeremy Renner (Avengers), and Academy Award-winner Forest Whittaker (Last King of Scotland), Arrival is the alien film which might fulfill all of our extra-terrestrial desire this 2016.

The storyline orbits about a linguist (Adams) who is called to guide the U.S. Army connect together with aliens who have come down all across the Globe in pebble-shaped spaceships. On the brink of universal battle, “Lois Lane” and her crew battle towards time for solutions-and to discover them, they will take a opportunity that might jeopardize their existence, and quite perhaps mankind.

In case that fails to arouse you, well, below is the actual movie trailer.

Arriving to cinemas on November 11, 2016.