14 Instagram Posts that will Convince You to Visit Sisig Society

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14 Instagram Posts that will Convince You to Visit Sisig Society

Sisig Society sets itself apart from any of the establishments serving this local drinking staple by making it fully customizable. Riding on the “create-your-own” trend lets the customers decide from the meat ,sauce, and the toppings. Yes, you are reading it right if you have ideas for your ULTIMATE SISIG EXPERIENCE.

Heres a collection of instagram worthy photos that’ll make you want to visit Sisig Society. Hashtag #sisigsociety #foodstagram

Food trip #questforthebestsisig #sisigsociety

A photo posted by grace b roman (@gracebroman) on

whatever way the egg was cracked, it will still taste good in sisig

tara lunch! @maricrisribon #sisigsociety #krispykarekare

A photo posted by Melissa Floralde-de Leon (@deid262002) on

mom’s said it couldn’t be done. but there it is: sisig-style kare-kare


A photo posted by @eciudnik_spoiledautopsy on

it looks like a hot mess, but that’s what sisig is all about

who agrees that one cup of rice each will not be enough for this meal?

#SisigSociety :))

A photo posted by Christian Alfonso (@naitx0101) on

the sisig monster will tempt you to take a bite out of its sizzling body


props to the genius that got the idea of adding bacon and cheese in sisig


do you see the lack of beer in this picture? we do.

1 cup of rice lang ulit. 😂😂 #sisigsociety #porksisig #dinner

A post shared by PJ De Guzman (@pj.deguzman) on

would health insurance cover the ensuing heart attack from this?

Create your own sisig at #sisigsociety

A photo posted by Pascal Kiko Villalba (@pascalkiko888) on

if you are looking to lessen the guilt, swap out the rice for pita bread

customization need not be all at once. start with swapping out the sauce first to play safe.

Lunch earlier.

A photo posted by Jiza (@jizamih) on

it won’t be surprising if one person can manage to eat all of these


if you are still alive by the end of the main course, these fried desserts will surely finish the job


the mug cakes are as deadly as the fried desserts

sometimes, I’m convinced he’s holding a cup of sisig

To discover more info on this awesome resto, visit www.sisigsociety.com

Location: Eastwood Citywalk, Quezon City – Sisig Society

Sisig Society Store Hours [Mon-Thurs: 12pm – 2am • Fri: 12pm – 4am • Sat: 5pm – 4am • Sun: 12pm – 2am]


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