[Discover] Tahong Island – Where Shellfish is Plentiful

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Tahong Island – Where Shellfish is Plentiful

tahong island

If you need to satisfy your seafood cravings (especially baked mussels), this place is where you need to go next. For today’s quick read, we will show you why you should visit Tahong Island and what the craze is all about.

You can drop by one of Tahong Island’s Branches located inside Las Piñas where you can experience their own brand of seafood twist. For just 6 pesos per piece of their baked tahong,  your budget will not suffer after the ensuing food coma.


If you are living in Muntinlupa, you are in luck since they offer deliveries right thru your doorstep.You can also order in advance and pick the food yourself.

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Best Seller: Cheesy Garlic Mussels

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~so, uh, do you… like cheese?
~we go together like tahong and cheese

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~the cheesier the better

Here’s two of their notable shrimp offerings.

  • Shrimpy Shrimpy ( cooked in a red sauce ) 450pesos for half kilo

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~Pro Tip: Make sure you suck out the brains after soaking in the sauce
  • Shrimp Garlic (450pesos for half kilo)

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~*gasp* Do you have your heart medicine ready?

Stuffed Bangus for 220 pesos

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~Excellent size and was prepared to perfection.  Moist, and loaded on the inside with tomatoes and onions

Oriental Mussels ( water spinach and green chillis cooked in oyster sauce and coconut milk)

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~For those looking for healthier options

Drop by and stuff yourselves silly here:

440 El Grande Avenue BF Homes Paranaque

Tahong Island Contact Number

Contact Number: 09272109277

Email: tah0ngisland@yahoo.com.ph

Facebook: Tahong Island

Instagram: @tahongisland

Tahong Island Store Hours 

Monday 10 AM to 10 PM

Tuesday 10 AM to 10 PM

Wednesday 10 AM to 10 PM

Thursday 10 AM to 10 PM

Friday 10 AM to 10 PM

Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM

Tahong Island Delivery Areas: Las-Piñas, Alabang, BF Parañaque, Katarungan Village, Evia in Daang Hari, Cupang to Bayanan in Muntinlupa and selected areas along Sucat road (from SM BF to SM Sucat)

Minimum order (P120) – 20 pieces
Party (P600) – 100 pieces + FREE 10
Extra mussel – P6
Delivery fee – P50


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