[Trailer] The Flash Season 3 Reveals New Timeline and Villains

The Flash Season 3 Reveals New Timeline and Villains

TV Series the Flash

CW’s The Flash returns soon for its 3rd season, which will see Barry Allen having to deal with the consequences of the decision to run back in time and help save his mother – thus making a different timeline, which has been called “Flashpoint” following the comic book storyline.

The newest trailer for The Flash Season 3 highlights the Wally West alternate type of Flash in the Flashpoint timeline. Also check out the new villain in the Flashpoint timeline known as “The Rival”.

Watch the trailer below: The Flash Season 3

When does the flash tv series start?

The Flash premiering on October 4; Arrow premiering on October 5, Supergirl premiering on October 10; while Legends of Tomorrow premieres on Thursday, October 13.

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