[Watch] Behind The-Scenes Video Highlights Spider-Man

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Behind-The-Scenes Video Highlights Spider-Man by Tom Holland

In “Captain America: Civil War,” viewers gained a very 1st glimpse at Tom Holland as a exciting and witty Spidey.

Currently, as he’s doing Sony’s new “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” we have facts that he as well has the styles to perform the legendary comic book hero in his first standalone movie for the franchise.

See Holland’s new Instagram video below and observe him carry out his stunt coordinator’s coaching as he tries a high-flying leap.

Watch Tom Hollands high flying leap:

@chrishemsworth and @bobbydazzler84 beat that!

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Also, coming from the Digital HD and Blu-ray releases, Marvel has bundled a one-minute behind-the-scenes video clip showcasing Tom Holland and his stunt double put together for their action on and around the Civil War set.

Watch Behind The Scenes Video Highlights Spider-Man Below

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