Twitter is shutting down its video app Vine | Vine Shutdown date

Twitter Is Shutting Down Vine


Twitter is Shutting Down Vine, the short-form video social media app acquired in year 2012. The app created a unique internet culture that feature a six-second limit to produce video clips, however the interest decreased as other social networking sites also introduced other cool video features of their own.

No other social app truly got the appeal of the GIF-like six second loop versus other video platforms. The most famous Vine users, though, didn’t have the means to monetize or take advantage of their recognition, and quite a few moved to YouTube and other social networks. For now, you’ll find nothing going on to the service immediately and you’ll have sufficient time to save old video clips before the plug is taken out permanently. Right now they only state that they’ll be stopping the mobile apps in the coming months. On the other hand, parent company Twitter just recently looked into selling the app but fallen short to look for a buyer; the corporation is currently anticipated to lay off about 300 employees.