5 Safest Cities To Go To For Solo Travelers

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Safety is always compromised when we travel, especially in places we are not familiar with. If you are a traveler, it is important that you note if the next destination is safe enough or not. You only live once, after all.

Most of the cities below are among the top cities with the safest environments; according to the latest results of the Safe Cities Index for 2017. If you want to know where you can safely travel next, continue reading.


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Canada is considered as one of the most livable countries in the world. Apart from it having beautiful landscapes and kind citizens, Canada is also known for its safest city, Toronto. Day in and day out, people are most likely outdoors or in the streets, making the city lively. The crime rate is very low for a large city. Just make sure to stick to the downtown area if you’re alone.



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Zurich also displays its beauty through breathtaking landscapes. Everywhere you go is worth a spot on your Instagram feed. There’s a street in Zurich called, Bahnhofstrasse, where the rich and the famous people live. The city is generally expensive but every penny is worth it. Their public transportation is also very safe and reliable. The streets are very decent that solo travelers can peacefully walk around during the night, or bike during the day.


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Amsterdam is an ideal place for all travelers because of its architectures, shops, culture, famous canals and laid-back vibe. People can easily buy marijuana in coffee shops, and participate in prostitution– all legally. Overall, Amsterdam is safe, even for solo travelers.


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Foodie travelers would certainly enjoy Stockholm because they claim to have the “freshest and the best-tasting” fish from the market. Stockholm is also very rich in history and culture. Although traveling to the city could be very expensive, you will get the most of every buck spent because the sceneries are astonishing.


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The natural wonders of Iceland will take your breath away! You will experience nature in a way that you have never imagined before. Reykjavik, specifically, is go-to. If you wish to go there alone–or even with accompanying members, make sure you visit The Blue Lagoon spa and go whale watching and catch other water animals there as well. If you can’t afford all these luxurious activities, strolling the streets and getting to know the locals are just as priceless, too.


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