A Group Of Friends Traveled Through Guimaras, Iloilo, And Bacolod With just P7000

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If there’s a will, there’s definitely a way.

A group of young professionals decided to take a BIG break from work, hopped on a plane and left to see the wonders of Bacolod, Iloilo, and Guimaras for 5 full days. Expensive? Take it from The Curious Filipina to tour you around the cities for less than 7,000 pesos only!

Cheap trips require cheap fares. If you want to succeed in this flight, members of the group should spend sleepless nights to wait for Piso fares. These are flight offers with huge discounts.

Sheena and her friends luckily got a plane ticket to Ilo-ilo from Cebu for only 500 pesos per person. From there, they took a bus to Bacolod and started their adventure there.
They were able to taste authentic Bacolod chicken–which Bacolod is also famous for. They also visited Mambukal Resort for only 50 pesos as the entrance fee.

On their second day, they went to Campuestohan Highland Resort where the entrance fee is only 150 pesos. Activities include sky bicycle and cable hamster wheel. They also visited The Ruins where many tourists visit as well.

For the remaining days, the group took another trip, but this time, back to Ilo-ilo via Supercat.

Ilo-ilo is a beautiful place.

It is where you can find the Gigantes Group of Islands where most of their activities were done. It is approximately 4 hours away from the city proper but it is worth the hassle.
On their fifth and last day, they decided to head to Guimaras where they spent 14 pesos for the boat fare from Ortiz Wharf to the island. The ride is a short 15-minute water travel.

They were met by tourist guides and asked them to register and pay for the tour which isn’t a lot. They ended up paying only 1,500 for a tour which only lasted until 2 pm because they had to fly back to Cebu that day.

Among the attractions are Smallest Plaza, National Mango Research and Development Center, Capitol Grounds, and of course, the Windmill Farm.

The joy of traveling isn’t about how much you spend but how enjoyable the moments especially if you tag your friend along with you.

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