Biringan: The Mysterious Hidden City Of The Philippines, Find Out Why

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Samar is a place full of beauty. If you’re an explorer, you’ll go giddy at the thought of Samar’s numerous cave systems and beautiful cultural heritage. The island of Samar, 150 miles long, is home, to the mysterious hidden city of Biringan. Popularly known to the locals there, and situated somewhere in the northeast quarter of the isle. Local residents believed it exists in a different dimension.

According to the testimonies, the place is composed of high-rise buildings, cathedrals, and other magnificent edifices.People who have testified said that everything in Biringan is in color black. From their building even down to the food that they eat is color black. A group of students who got lost after a visit to the place called “Biringan” located somewhere in Samar. A story so well known that even other countries knows the tale.


The story has also been featured on A talk show in GMA Network. After it was aired on TV, it captured many attentions when the people of Samar confirmed the thing and there are people who went to that place never gets the chance to return ever again.

It is also said that somewhere near the hidden city, the pictures recorded a brightly lit tract of land, which was taken to be deposits of uranium or gold. The Japanese then based their ground operations in San Jorge. But the Engkantos jealously guard the treasures of the deep forest.

Furthermore, no one ever yet has proven the existence and have probed the underlying truth behind this mysterious place unless someone whose determined and strong-willed to do so to unravel the reality of Biringan, then this mystery will then be solved

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