Explore And Experience The Nature Adventure To Mt. Daraitan in Tanay Rizal

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Tanay is one of the municipalities that have the most shares of mountains. One of its most famous one–and perhaps of Rizal’s–is Mount Daraitan in Brgy. Sampaloc. The trail of this mountain requires adventurers to use both their hands and feet, with portions approaching 70-degree inclines. The challenging ascent takes up to 5 hours but the view up the summit is truly magnificent.

Picturesque View. Image by Moredantravels

Mt. Daraitan is one of the several stunning mountains situated in the beautiful province of Rizal boasting all of nature’s goodness from crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, dark hollowed caves of century-old formation of stalagmite and stalactite rocks to the picturesque view of the Sierra Madre range. The mountain, which features forest trails, caves, and rolling grasslands, is perfect for a wide variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, spelunking, and camping.

Dark hollowed caves of century-old formation of stalagmite and stalactite.  Image by Travee

Mt. Daraitan is a natural playground and the peak, made mostly of limestone formations, looks out into a bird’s eye view of slopes and greenery. A river can also be spied snaking across the expanse, forming several omegas and what makes this mountain very popular are the activities that can be done in addition to the hike. Mt. Daraitan is also home to one of the country’s cleanest, free-flowing rivers, the Tinipak River, which is surrounded by large marble rocks.

Pristine breath-taking Tinipak River. Image by Jonas Ph

Hikers can do a traverse to the breath-taking Tinipak River where they can wash up in its crystal clear viridian water. The river is also surrounded by large marble rocks, making for a stunning backdrop. Also, there is also a cave, with a natural pool inside, that hikers can also explore.

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