Dinagyang Travel Guide 2018: Six Best Things To Do in Ilo-Ilo

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Iloilo is home to some of the most amazing beaches and churches in the Philippines. However, the province’s beauty doesn’t end with these sites. The city is also home to many Spanish-colonial churches, grand vintage houses, and old commercial and institutional buildings way back to its heyday as the “Queen City of the South.”

Dinagyang Festival

There are so many things to do in Iloilo. If you should ever find yourself here, below are some of the best things you can do in the City of Love.

Explore Islas de Gigantes

More and more tourists are going to northeastern Iloilo for a patch of paradise in the country. Gigantes Islands have become a favorite summer destination because of its powdery white sand, clear blue waters, and stunning views. But, unlike Boracay or Palawan, Islas de Gigantes remains underdeveloped, leaving its raw beauty perfect.




Visit Calle Real

Iloilo’s heritage street is a beautiful stretch of restored old buildings that are still being used to this day. If you look closely, you can see the year the buildings were built right on the front facade of each structure.

Stroll Around River Esplanade

The Iloilo River Esplanade is a common area where families and friends can come together to bond, eat out, or just unwind. A favorite among locals during early mornings and late afternoons for its cool breeze, the esplanade serves as an area for recreational activities or a hangout spot with its stretch of cafes. Don’t miss to pass by the open area at sunset, the view will amaze you.

Church Hopping

The towns of Iloilo are home to many centuries-old Spanish-colonial Churches of great historical and heritage value. The most popular and well- preserved in the province is Miagao Church, which is included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. A 20-minute drive down the coast will take you to the militaristic-inspired San Joaquin Church.

A Journey to Heaven at Garin Farm

A wonderful scenery, a captivating replica of Christ’s life, and of course a flight of 400 stairs towards a gigantic Cross- that’s what in store for tourist at San Joaquin’s latest tourism spot, The Garin Inland Resort, and Farm. A travel bucket list for those visiting southern Iloilo, Garin Farm has lots to offer.

Food Tour

Food is definitely Iloilo’s biggest year-round attraction. Most true-blooded locals will, without fail, offer to take you to eat at local or popular restaurants or might as well prepare a home-cooked Ilonggo meal if they find out that you’re a first-time visitor. Bistro Carcosa in The Uptown Place, the view is perfect for sunset viewing–but better yet, the food is excellent and affordable. For fresh seafood, videoke, and drinking, Villa Beach is the place to go. Also, never miss out on savoring fresh seafood and Iloilo’s native cuisine, most especially its signature dishes like La Paz Batchoy, Pancit Molo and Roberto’s.

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