Manjuyod Sandbar – The Maldives of the Philippines

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This beautiful and breath-taking sandbar has quickly become one of many tourists favourite places to get away to. A peaceful and remote paradise that seems a million miles away from everywhere, it’s like a dream world you can share with just your favourite people – you can just hire a boat for your family and friends.

Photo courtesy of Christian LeBlanc


The travel vlogger declared Manjuyod Sandbar as “The Maldives of The Philippine” Because of its white sand and the cottages that look like they’re floating on the shallow blue water.

Photo Courtesy of Mr. White Patch

A well-known Canadian travel vlogger Christian LeBlanc shares this stunning photo and shares more about this beautiful stretch of sand, a boat ride away from Dumaguete, according to Rappler.

Photo courtesy of Christian LeBlanc


Manjuyod Island, also known as Sumapao Shoal, is a pristine 7-kilometer stretch of white sandbar located at the North Bais Bay in the Tañon Strait. You can see native wooden houses on the island, built on stilts – and which, during high tide, appears to be floating on the water. These cottages could be rented for overnight stays and can be booked at the Bais City Tourism Office.Manjuyod Sandbar is definitely worth a visit.


Photo courtesy of Christian LeBlanc


Despite being called as The Maldives of The Philippines, Manjuyod Sandbar is not a luxurious destination. Manjuyod’s powdery white sand and pristine clear blue waters may have a strong resemblance to The Maldives, however, it doesn’t offer pricey water villas, overrated seaside meals, and 5-star service. There are a few cottages on stilts and these are simple accommodations that can only provide basic needs.

Photo courtesy of  D’YAN LANG


Water activities around the sandbar are swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. You can also have a rare encounter with dolphins and whales for a more memorable adventure in Negros Oriental.

Photo courtesy of D’YAN LANG


There are no restaurants in Manjuyod Sandbar! There are local vendors selling sea urchins, oysters, and fresh coconuts. You can bring lunch, drinks, fruits, and snacks as well or there is an organized tour package includes dolphin and whale watching at Tañon Strait, stopover at Manjuyod Sand Bar for lunch and other activities. Also, you can visit a Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park before heading back to the wharf. You can choose to bring your own lunch or have the Bais City Tourism group cater the meal for you for around 100 – 200 pesos per head.


Photo courtesy of D’YAN LANG

How to get Manjuyod White Sand Bar in Bais, how much?

From Dumaguete City, you may board the jeepney (P15 per head) at the Dumaguete Bais terminal near the port and going to Lo-oc Road in Rizal Boulevard or the Ceres Bus Liner at the Ceres terminal in Barangay Calindagan (P20 per head)The best and most convenient way is to rent a car or van with a rate starting at P1,300.

When planning to visit the Manjuyod White Sand Bar, it is advisable to book in advance for a boat to take you there. The Bais City Tourism Office can be reached at (035)541-5161. Boat rate is P2,500 for a group of 15 and P3,000 for a group of 20. This is already basically for an entire day of use.