[Discover] McDonald’s Secret Menu is Really Available!

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Before the year 2017 ended, a viral photo of the so-called ‘MCDO Secret Menu’ was uploaded online and became viral. However, it was believed that it is just a hoax until one netizen who saw the photo online tried and tested it.

He shared the experience on his Facebook timeline and became viral.


The Mcdo secret menu is composed of the following special burgers

Surf & Turf – Fish Patty and Beef burger combo with a special sauce.
Triple Cheeseburger– Cant get enough of a double cheeseburger? How about making it three 100% real beef patties plus three slices of melty cheese!
Double McChicken – double chicken patty!
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese – your regular quarter pounder added with extra American cheese plus two yummy beef patties!

How to order this kind of burgers? When ordering, just ask and tell the crew about it.

Awesome right? What are you waiting for, hurry to your nearest Mcdonalds branch now!

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