Explore Sagada And Its Wonders

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Sagada is situated in Mountain Province which is about 275km from Metro Manila. It is recognized because of its unique way of burying their dead which is popularly called “hanging coffins”

A remote town with so much to offer to anyone who chooses to experience its distinct appeal. With its temperate weather, mystical caves and cliffs, beautiful rice terraces, breath-taking waterfalls, luscious delicacies, rich heritage and traditions, Sagada bring an unforgettable and truly remarkable experience with nature and culture. Here are top three places you can visit in Sagada.

Sumaguing Cave/ Image by Way.ph

The enormous limestone cave is truly amazing because of the splendid things located inside such as tiny waterfalls, stalactites and stalagmites, swimming pool and a whole lot of bats.

Bomod-ok Falls/ Image by Way.ph

This 200 meters waterfall has been alluring tourists for many years now. Going to this place is an adventure itself as you need to go on a slightly challenging one hour hike towards the falls. However, the hike experience in itself is rewarding as it lets you to explore the hinterlands of Sagada first-hand.

Hanging Coffins/ Image by Tripzilla

Hanging Coffins- There are two reasons that make this place very unique and special. The way the coffins were arranged and placed, nailed to hang at the sides of cliffs. Performed until now, this unique kind of burial practice believed to have already been around before the coming of the Spanish has many causal interpretations. Others say that hanging coffins bring the dead closer to the heavens or it prevents the corpse from rotting faster. No matter what the reason is one thing is certain. The place deserves to be on top of your travel bucket list in Sagada.

Sagada Rice Terraces/ Image by Way.ph

The town of Sagada has also its own version of its rice terraces. Albeit, quite similar in structure with the Ifugao’s Banaue rice terraces, it’s smaller and is made up of rocks instead of soil. Sagada Rice Terraces is worthy of a day’s visit.

Kiltepan Peak/ Image by Tripadvisor

Kiltepean Peak is the highest point in the Sagada located on the eastern side of Sagada, around three and a half kilometers from the town center. This scenic spot has become popular for its scenic view of the sunrise. Tourist usually wakes up early in the morning to trek from the town just to catch the sunrise.