Tips From A Young Professional Who Left Her Corporate Job To Travel The World

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One’s ultimate dream may be to leave everything behind and go to an isolated island where there’s no work, no pressure, no bad news and no money needed. Who doesn’t want to relax and take a nap by the beach during summer, right? Lucky for this young lady for getting it all right. She left her corporate career at the office, expanded her skills online and travelled the world. No boss, no schedules, just her.

How she did it is no longer a secret because, on her blog, she revealed the answers to our most common questions about her new found lifestyle.


Recognize your passion. If it is travelling, you have to be 100% that it really is and that you’re committed to living your life seeing the world. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your time, money and effort.


Before deciding on anything and sacrificing your future for a dream you’re unsure of, Aileen suggests that you do your research. Study and develop more skills which you can use if you plan to be a digital nomad just like her. Research about life outside the corporate world so that you would have a better view of your life ahead. Also, read inspirational books about dreams and passion to help you ignite your desires and finally come up with a decision.

Decide and compromise

According to the digital nomad, listing down the things that fuel your fears in following your passion, in this case, for travelling, will allow you to examine the invalid excuses and will make way for more reasons to do it.

After you’ve listed all of them, answer them and you’ll realize that there’s no issue in doing what you love.


Once you have figured out how to survive financially, make a concrete plan of action. Start earning using the internet so that you can provide for your travel needs while away. Plan your trips as well. Manage your time and budget and make sure you have enough cash in your pockets so you don’t get into trouble abroad.

Just do it

Aileen took the plunge and has now been able to travel the world full time. She has already visited 44 countries on 6 continents. Some of the places that she has been to are ones that we probably have never heard about. Among are Estonia, Faroe Islands, Falkand Islands and the South Sandwich Islands. Have you heard of these places? Lucky for her, she’s been there!

Now, it is our turn to find what makes us happy and follow our passion.

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