Top 3 Most Beautiful Places To Visit in the Philippines 2018

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There are a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines, located in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean, this beautiful island country has so much glory to offer. The Philippines is full of seascapes that’ll be a window into the beauty that lies beneath the waves. There are a large number of reefs that you can surely enjoy as well as the sea life that lives in these waters. Whether you’re a history buff or a sun-kissed beach bum, you will surely find your bliss as well as ignite your innate sense of wanderlust in the Philippines.




Wondering what are the best and beautiful places to visit in the Philippines this year? Located in Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean, this beautiful island country has so much splendor to offer. If you are seeking for a beautiful and relaxing place to clear your mind and do some soul-searching, the Philippines offers plenty of choices. Here are 3 of the top beautiful places in the Philippines to visit.


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1. Palawan

As one of the seven wonders of nature. Palawan is a guaranteed nature sanctuary where much of Mother Nature’s handiwork is well taken care of. This island is overflowing with natural resources in its pristine and unexploited condition: virgin rainforests, superb mountains, primeval caves and breath-taking beaches. Marine life flourished and is preserved from exploitation and commercialism. Palawan’s water resources are world-class in quality and perfect for diving and fishing. The great waters of Palawan rustle up world-class water sports.



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2. Boracay

This amazing palm-studded island is a treat for sun lovers. A stretch of white powdery sand beaches and pristine clear blue waters are just magnetizing, one wouldn’t want to end his stay. It caters both to those who are looking for relaxing atmosphere with lots of sun and for those who love water sports. This popular island in the Western Visayas is a favorite social events venue. The place never gets lonely because it is packed with visitors all year round. Travellers from the opposite side of the world have found their way into this beautiful island where the well-known Filipino hospitality is top notch.


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3. Baguio

Summer capital and Philippine’s coolest place, Baguio is one great destination for those out to have fun and family entertainment. Where Boracay and Palawan boast of great waters, Baguio takes pride in its mountain setting, wonderfully sitting on top of the mountain. The place is overflowing with parks and gardens, mountain views and sceneries enough to take your breath away. The cool climate makes it suitable for people who have had enough of the sun and wanting the cool breeze. Taking an interest and participating in their famous Flower Festival Panagbenga celebrations every February will be such one of a kind experience.