Top 5 Most Mysterious Places In The Philippines

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There are so many places found in the Philippines that people said to be mysterious or kinda creepy. There are also a lot of stories about these places. Some might say, there are scared to visit these mysterious places, while others feel drawn to the thrill of knowing if the stories are real or not. If you are up for a new kind of adventure and wants to make an unforgettable travel experience, check out some of the top mysterious places in the Philippines.

Isla de Gigantes, Iloilo
Legends say that coffins found inside the caves contained a giant bone set, that’s why the name of the island was changed to Islas de Gigantes. In today’s generation, giants are nowhere to be seen in the place. All that is left is a crystal clear beaches and interesting system of caves. The most popular part of Isla de Gigantes is the natural salt water pool, surrounded by a steep rock formation called the” Tangke Salt Water Lagoon” Just don’t be loud when visiting the place because locals believed that spirits and fairies protect the place.

Enchanted River, Surigao del Sur
Aside from its raw beauty, there are many mysteries revolving around the majestic body of water. Locals believe that Hinatuan is created by fairies or spirits living in the forest, this explains sightings of mystical creatures like a very big fish that can’t be caught. Then, at 12 noon, all the swimmers are asked to get out of the water because a huge school of fish will float above the water for feeding.

Malalison Island, Antique
Antique is infamous for witchcraft. Some locals even say that aswang and manananggal are often seen during at night. However, amid the scary stories revolving around Antique, there are breath-taking places waiting to be discovered. One of the must-see main attractions of the province is the Malalison Island.

Corregidor Island, Cavite
This place is known for ghost sightings. There are over 1000 people died during the war, and residents believed that these soldiers continue to haunt the island. Pebbles surrounding the shoreline are tainted with red spots, which is said are the blood of dead soldiers. While at night, the sound of marching soldiers reverberate throughout the entire island. Despite the horror stories, many tourists still visit the peaceful island and reminisce the history of the Philippines-Japanese war.

Mount Cristobal, Quezon – Laguna
Mount Cristobal is known as devil’s mountain while Mt. Banahaw is considered holy because Mt. Cristobal absorbs all the negative energy from it and the reason of this, locals believed that Mt. Cristobal harbors a lot of ghosts, and evil spirits.

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