Vanishing Island: A Hidden Majestic Island in Samal, Davao

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Samal Island is the beach center of Davao City. Compared to other popular beaches in the Philippines, Samal is more of a peaceful and serene destination. However, that’s not what gained the region popularity throughout the nation and even the world.

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Somewhere out in the island waters is actually a hidden gem that surprisingly emerges when the tide recedes. It’s the paradise of divers and the heaven of beach lovers – the Vanishing Island of Samal. The island has been urbanized by nearby establishments. Mangrove trees have also been planted on the island.

The sea bed is grassy and sandy below. You can reach the Island of course by first getting to Samal Island itself since Vanishing Island is seen and is a part of it. Apart from Pearl Farm and Bluejaz, Vanishing Island is a perfect place to spend summer with family, friends and fellow workers. It is also a perfect spot for kids to do snorkeling and beach combing.

Image by kimchikai

During high tides, tourists may stroll around the island by foot with waters reaching their ankles only. Other tourists, though, choose to go diving and snorkeling especially when the waters are high. The pristine waters make it possible to enjoy the underwater view of sea grasses, fishes, corals, and reefs. As such, it has been known as one of the top diving destinations in Davao City. If you are looking for a vacation spot that’s far from traffic, excessive noise, pollution or crowded shopping malls, then this island is definitely the perfect place for you to unwind.

How to Get to the Vanishing Island

The Vanishing Island is just a few minutes away from Tambo, Babak, Island Garden City of Samal, province of Davao del Norte. A small boat ride will take you to the Vanishing Island from Barangay Tambo, Samal which is accessible via a 15-minute ferry boat ride from km 11, Sasa Port, Davao City.

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