Woman Successfully Completes The 52-Week Money Challenge And Travels To Three Countries

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Every first week of the year, we all make promises we know we never can keep. And every following year, we renew all these promises we failed to keep! New year resolutions are nothing but goals we never want to do but want to miraculously happen.

The most common ones are eating healthy, exercising, cleaning the house and saving up for something huge! Many fail to accomplish a single item from their list but surprisingly, this particular woman gracefully succeeded in her 52-week money challenge journey and spent all her savings traveling to 3 countries!

Stella Encina tells an inspiring story of about conquering her saving troubles. The young lady isn’t shy to admit that apart from her 52-week challenge, she has other sources of income which helped boost her travel needs from the pocket money to plane tickets. Plus, she didn’t have to worry about neglecting her family’s needs because she is not required to support them financially. She works for her family business, too, which is one of the biggest factors for such big savings.

Some may say that she’s lucky enough to belong to a wealthy family because many Filipinos don’t have the privilege of keeping their hard-earned money to themselves. But still, Stella wants to encourage every single hopeful to save up, no matter how small the amount is.

Travelling is expensive. But because of her dream to travel and persistence to save some cash, she was able to visit 3 beautiful countries: The Philippines, Cambodia, and Australia.

Saving money isn’t just about spending big by the end of the year. It can also be a great source of hospital emergencies, urgent bills payments or an immediate loss of job suddenly occurs.

We never know!

So we encourage everyone to try the 52-week challenge to see where life may take you. Good luck!

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