4 Exotic Dishes From Pampanga That’s Worth The Try

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Traditional dishes like bulalo, bicol express and kare-kare are popular in the country but we seem to be missing some major contributions as to why food trip is huge in the country. If you don’t know yet, Pampanga is considered as the culinary capital of the Philippines and because of this, the province had made itself more popular because of these exotic dishes.

We have collated top 4 of the must-try exotic food that you shouldn’t miss.

Betute Tugak

Source: GMA Network

Betute Tugak is Pampanga’s term for stuffed frog which they claim to taste similar to fried chicken. Its main ingredients are, of course, the frogs fresh from the farms, ground pork, vinegar, pepper, and garlic. It looks a lot like fried chicken too, only if you close your eyes when eating!


Kamaru is simply mole crickets that are easily found in the province. They are commonly cooked as adobo– marinated in vinegar. Other ingredients are tomatoes, onions, garlic, chilis and salt and pepper to taste. The dish and simple and truly exotic, but once you have tasted it, you will love it for sure. Aside from its uniqueness and taste,  Adobong Kamaru is loved because it is very affordable that even ordinary folks can enjoy.

Ensaladang Pako

Ensaladang Pako is not another animal or insect, but rather, a good source of vitamins and minerals. This dish is made of a fiddlehead fern. It is actually a kind of vegetable that looks not very attractive for eating. In the Philippines, this particular food is enjoyed as a salad with tomatoes, onions, mango, vinegar and salt and pepper.


Sisig is believed to have originated in Angeles, Pampanga, It is made up of the different edible parts of the pig head, and some liver. The recipe varies, but the main ingredients of the popular version include pork ears, cheeks, and snoot. Other believe that brains are incorporated as well but many Pampangenos say otherwise.


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