8 Reasons Why Richard And Lucy Gomez Are Relationship Goals

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There is nothing lovelier than a love that gets stronger day by day. Both Richard and Lucy are not shy to let everybody know how they have fallen in love with each other, and how they maintain the spark in their relationship, even years later.

Enjoy these photos of their little online  P.D.A, as we celebrate the love month!

They can’t take their eyes off of each other

Lucy loves writing and reminiscing about their younger years as a couple. This photo was shot by Richard himself which he had kept all these years.

They love cuddling 

Both of them can’t wait to go home after a long day at work as public servants, and just stay in bed all night long.

They are each other’s “dream come true”

Did you know that Lucy had loved Richard since she was a teenager, long before they even met in person?

Sometimes, no words can be good enough as a caption to their sweetness

Lucy is good with words while Richard is not. But still, he is able to effectively send out a message of love through his Instagram posts using only heart emojis.

The support each other’s dreams, advocacies, and jobs

They support each other. Even when Richard had intimate movies scenes with ex-girlfriend Dawn Zulueta, Lucy supported their love team all the way. She even watched their movies together and hangs out with Dawn and her husband. When they started their individual journeys as public servants, the other can’t be hidden from the public eye as well. They are proud of each other’s accomplishments and successes in life and they celebrate each one, together.

They love being random

Just like any other couple, they are fun and goofy, too. They are also very relatable as Richard in this post was saying that he climbed the roof of their house to snatch some mangoes!

They show affection even in public

They are still the sweetest after 19 years of being married. They act like they’re some gushy teenagers, who can’t get enough of each other! However, they are the cutest and the most demure version of all P.D.A. couples.

They simply can’t resist each other

And we are ‘kilig that even after 19 years and 1 child, they still act as if they are still on honeymoon stage!

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