Five Best Weekend Trip Destinations Near Metro Manila

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In a daily routine that is consumed by stress, a getaway is necessary. May it be a quick coffee break, a day off or even a weekend escapade. A quick break can absolutely change a person’s mood and overall motivation during weekdays. But if the city is a little too jam-packed for your liking, then hop on and travel to these 5-weekend destinations without getting so far outside Metro Manila.

Aquascape Floating Suite
Located in Laguna just 2-3 hours drive from could be the perfect weekend destination for you. The floating cottages is surrounded by nature in its 360-degree glory. The floating suite can accommodate six people and its rates are P10,000/night for a group of six. Also, they also have available kayaks for rent just in case you and your friends are looking for activities to try out.

San Rafael River Adventure
Located at Barangay Talacsan. It is one of the best weekend getaway trips with your family or friends. A paradise surrounded by a sanctuary of trees and flowery plants, with a breathtaking view of the river which is just few hour drive from Metro Manila.

Hulugan Falls Laguna
If you are looking for an easy “chasing waterfalls” experience with a scenic view, you might want to head to Luisiana, Laguna. Not only do you experience one breath-taking view of the Hulugan Falls, you could also choose to visit more waterfalls in the area – like Talay and Hidden Falls! A perfect weekend getaway together with your friends who enjoy trekking and adventures.

Pililla Wind Farm
Located in the humble barangay of Halayhayin in Pililla, to be more specific, the Rizal Wind Farm is the newest addition to the growing list of tourism destinations within close proximity of the capital, just two hours away from Manila.

Fortune Island
A perfect tropical paradise with a touch of Greece. The best part is, it happens to reside within Metro Manila, the travel time to this destination is a mere two hours away. Fortune Island boasts of white sand beaches and rocky cliffs in the backdrop of its rich crystal blue waters. But the island’s most prominent and main features are the ruins of old columns and statues that aptly resemble the Parthenon of Greece!

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