Kris Aquino’s Favorite Tech Items

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Every Filipino knows how Kris loves showing off– in a good way. She loves sharing everything she knows and everything she has to the world, and that is how she became an icon in her own right. Aside from being born into a rich and powerful family, Kris is known for being open and honest about her feelings.

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Unfortunately for her, she recently lost her regular job and contract with ABS-CBN but it surely did not take her down. She focused on her own production company and added more food franchise to her already long list of income source.

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Part of her new journey is uploading videos and constantly updating her supporters on her social media. She took her virtual fans on tour to her new home and we found out that Kris loves technology so much that she can’t go a day without a gadget in her hand.

Here are the gadget essentials Kris can’t live without.

An  iPhone

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Right, Kris used to be an endorser of Cherry Mobile but can one really stand not holding an iPhone in the other hand? Kris can’t, and so does her kids. She uses an iPhone 8 Plus, which she uses to watch her favorite shows away from home. She bought an iPhone X though, but she lets her son use it.

Huge TVs

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Kris just loves TVs so much that she has one installed in almost all rooms in her home. Her largest TV is an 88-inch LED TV that is displayed in her dining area.

iMac Computers

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Apple products seem to be her best friend when it comes to gadgets. She has 2 desktops for Josh and Bimby and a laptop for herself, which she uses to get work done on a daily basis.


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She loves to read. She reads e-books before she goes to sleep using her iPad. She also uses it to quickly check on her social media and watch more movies.


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