Why Does KZ Tandingan Deserve International Recognition?

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This Filipino singer KZ Tandingan has made herself the talk of the town just recently because why not? She just competed in China and wowed the Hollywood singer Jessie J, who herself was part of the competition. A video of her singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” went viral because she rocked the performance and made it into her own version, which took her fans and non-fans into a whole new level of music!

She was applauded with matching standing ovation and won the hearts of many– in an instant!

Now if you are wondering why she deserves all the attention, find out here.

She is versatile

KZ’s style is uncommon, it is different yet outstanding. She perseveres to make her music known with nothing but pure intentions of expressing her soul and bringing out the best performance in every show. The photos above were taken during her battle in China’s singing contest called “Singer”.

She is passionate

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The singer likes revamping her look every now and then, and never boxes herself in one boring image. Sometimes she’s a rockstar, the next day she’s an angel. This also applies to her music as KZ is never shy to express herself, even if nobody understands her style sometimes.

She is experimental

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Give her a regular piece and expect that she will take your breath away. She is not a conventional performer so never expected a boring song from her! Her love for music is too deep, that not everyone will be able to grasp. What we are sure of is that she is extraordinary on stage.

She is an award hoarder

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An award is an artist’s pride. It is proof of one hard work and phenomenal performances. KZ has a lot of them! She has become an in-demand artist since her humble beginnings and now, the international scene needs to know about this gem.

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