Mother Of An ‘Activist’ From U.P Calmly Slams Amiga For Criticizing Her Son’s Post

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The University of the Philippines is home to Filipino students that were born to be radical thinkers. U.P grooms their students to be excellent, and to speak up whether their opinions sound right to other people or not. Many times, their students are mistaken for being disobedient children to their parents and critical citizens to the community.

Facebook post

A Facebook post about this mother who raised an opinion about how only the parents are responsible for raising their kids the way they want, became a hot topic and went viral. As a response, @antonthefighter shared a conversation between his own mother and her ‘amiga’, who called him an activist and a rebellious thinker.

“Amiga, nakita mo na ba ‘yung FB post ng anak mong aktibista sa UP? Napaka-rebelde mag-isip baka sa susunod kayo suwagin niyan,”.

“Friend, have you seen your U.P. activist son’s Facebook post? He has such a rebellious mindset, soon enough, he’ll butt his horns against you.”

The mother defended her son saying it is fine because her son is only after what is right for the nation. She even added that those who pass U.P.’s standards think radically indeed, but his son is a good boy and is respectful of their family.

Savage reply

She then continued and calmly gave a savage answer.

“Kamusta pala ‘yung anak mo? Balita ko 3 na anak sa iba-ibang babae tapos hindi pa nakakapagtapos ng pag-aaral? Kawawa naman ‘no. Ka-edad lang yun ng aktibista kong anak sa UP di’ba? Sana hindi sumasakit ulo mo sa kanya.”

“So, how is your child? Didn’t  he impregnate 3 different women and did not finish his studies? I pity him. Isn’t he the same age as my activist son from U.P.? I just hope that he is not such a huge inconvenience to you.

Her amiga could only reply nothing but a lonely letter ‘K’ to which his mom sarcastically responded with a capital letter ‘L’. Now we have found a candidate for the Mother Of The Year award!


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