Three Reasons Why You Should Visit Caramoan Islands

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Caramoan is one of the best island getaway in the Philippines best known for being the filming location of several seasons of the hit reality show Survivor. The TV show often chooses exotic locales with breath-taking scenery. With its clusters of islands lined with powdery white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, coral reefs, various marine life, serene lagoons, subterranean river, and caves.

Caramoan is a beautiful and undeveloped place. In just a day, you can go and enjoy at least three of its islands! Although the distance going to Caramoan can be quite far, however, the experience and the views you will get from there are still worth every hour of travel time.

Crystal clear waters of Caramoan Islands. Image by lo0lo0 Insights


Cliff Diving At Langpikaw Cliff
This activity is for the fearless adventure seekers who are willing to take a plunge into the deep. Position yourself on the edge of the 17-23 ft. boulder and just jump.

Lahos Island. Image by Vigattin

Island Hopping
The Caramoan Peninsula is composed of undeveloped beaches accessible by boat. Each island has a unique characteristic and its own set of activities. Lahos Island, one of the most popular islands, has powdery white sand which glowed under the violet sunset. It disappears during high tide (“Laho” in english means vanish) so tourists needs to vacate the beautiful beach to avoid drowning.

Beautiful Matukad Island. Image by Roaming Couple

Rock Climbing At Matukad Island
If you crave more excitement and fun than what swimming gives, then the option to is rock climb and have the chance to see an enchanted lagoon that will surely satisfy your wild spirit. This Island is definitely the perfect place for adrenaline junkies.


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