Are You Tired From Shopping in Bugis All Day? Check Out This Spa In ParkRoyal, Singapore

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St. Gregory Spa in ParkRoyal on Beach Road

This spa houses Traditional Chinese Medicine physicians and expert masseurs to diagnose and relieve your aches and pains. With seven treatment rooms in total, you can get deluxe skin treatments using British brand Elemis’ clinically tested skincare products. It also features a gym and fitness room, jacuzzi, rooftop pool, and a bar serving nutritious cocktails and spa delicacies.


The spa has a therapeutic effect on the body as it helps revitalize and restore your energy. It allows the mind to relax as well with the help of St. Gregory Spa’s calm environment.

Gymnasiums and swimming pools are available for physical fitness activities. The spa not only promotes relaxation, but it also encourages taking care of the physical body through exercise.

St. Gregory is in partnership with LinC Aesthetic Clinic which creates agendas that balance your current spa and fitness routine. The program helps you sustain an active lifestyle which aims to keep you looking and feeling younger than your actual age.

St. Gregory Spa Guidelines

Wear comfortable clothes. You will be asked to take off your clothes in order for you to have a wonderful experience at the spa. Taking off too many garments will add on to your stress and putting them back on again may be a little inconvenient

If you have planned the day ahead, remember not to bring too much stuff at the spa. Leave your gadgets and work-related stuff at home or in the car. Never bring them in a place where peace of mind is your top priority.

Lastly, ask questions to the staff about their other products and services which you might want to avail next time.

Spas are meant to be a venue for body and mind relaxation, where you can be one with nature even in the busy hustles and bustle of a big city in Singapore.


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