Wil Dasovich Is Now Cancer-Free

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Wil is a model, an endorser and sometimes, an actor, who gained much popularity after a Youtube video of him and his father became viral. Since then, Dasovich created more quality videos and uploaded them to Youtube regularly. He is now popularly known in the Youtube community as a source of positive energy and good vibes until he caught a disease while at the peak of his booming career.

Six months ago, the worst news in Wil’s life was revealed in a form of colon cancer– which he might have inherited from his father who is a cancer survivor himself.

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He reflects a healthy lifestyle from eating greens and moving everyday, to generating positive life insights which have benefitted his mental health.

After the bad news came out, Wil worked harder to think positive in hopes to inspire people who are going through bad times.

He is indeed an inspiration. He survived stage 3 cancer and is currently celebrating this good news with the entire online community.

The former PBB housemate shares yet another meaningful video which left every single viewer in tears.

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“Life is full of ups and downs and part of living is finding a way to surpass as many obstacles thrown at your course,” Wil shared.

“But if you will find a path with no obstacles, it probably won’t lead you anywhere. We all have challenges ahead of us but it’s all about how you respond to these challenges that will define you. Don’t let these challenges bring you down. Let it be the thing that lifts you up,” he added, and then tearfully declared that it is “time to close this chapter”.

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He also revealed in the video that before he was diagnosed with cancer, he was living a successful life as a vlogger, and then fell in love for the first time.

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All the pain that he had to go through at an early age of 25 has brought him to where he is today: an even more successful person.


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