Binondo Grocery Goodies – Part 2

Continuation of the Previous Segment of Snack Finds. Let’s get into it, shall we?

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What is it?:Toppo Rare Cheesecake Flavor Pretzel

Where did I find this?:Shopper’s Mart In Binondo

How much?:P 110.00 per box


                                               (Oh look, double the fun)(Looks can be deceiving

 The box contains two packs and about twelve sticks per pack. There is also a bitter chocolate variant available if that is more of your thing. From the Korean manufacturer Lotte, comes the sibling to the Nude Pepero that is usually sold in Japan. The Nude variant is like an inverted pretzel. The filling is inside the stick instead of coating it.

                                  (For those curious: no, you cannot suck out the filling like a straw)

Taste: It’s creamy and sweet. Could use a stronger cream cheese flavor but that’s just my personal preference.


What is it?:  Venus Choco Mint Flavor

Where did I find this?:Shopper’s Mart In Binondo

How much?:P 21.25 per pack


                                                      (Are you ready to be introduced to my mouth?)

I have a particular bias for chocolate mint flavored food. So seeing one sold cheaply definitely got my attention. Each pack contains 5 pieces of chocolate. Quite a steal if you ask me.

venus choco mint 3

(Candy: Noo.. don’t eat me. Me: But I must.)

Taste: For its size, the makers were generous with the mint filling. The chocolate could use more emphasis but I guess this is what is compromised with the low price tag.


mayasi hot senza

What is it?:Mayasi Hot Cracker Nuts Garlic Chili Flavor

Where did I find this?:Shopper’s Mart In Binondo

How much?:P 35.50 per pack

mayasi hot senza 2

(When you see cracker nuts look like embers, you know exactly what to expect)

Another surprise buy. I had low expectations when I got this item. But when I saw this was made in Indonesia, I got my hopes up since the country knows its spicy food. And something being legit spicy makes the Bicolano half of me (father’s side), happy.


                                  (I would not be kidding if I said that this was the last piece in the pack)

Taste: These little guys pack a punch. The garlic flavor is felt and complements the chili bite. The heat lingers for a while and would entice you either to eat more or wash it down with a cool drink (beer is preferred). I would recommend you to buy this if you like spicy snacks.

Until next time folks. Off to the grocery store I go!!

Grocery Goodies from Binondo

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Binondo Grocery Goodies - Part 2