I Wished For You Again But I Need to Let Go and Move On

img by: The Heartbreaker DiariesI am missing you and it’s killing me inside

 Your presence was imprinted in me

The words “I miss you” aren’t enough to describe this feeling

I wish I could go back to the day I met you, and fix everything

I regret the things I did. No one should have ever done it to you.

I already realized my mistake of walking out on the girl who would never have walked out on me.

 Deep down, I knew I cared. But I held back because I was afraid.

Returning back to you, I can only dream of it now

Will you be there when I come back? Perhaps, perhaps not.

I know I am worthless. I am sorry.

 I know that I’m still holding on false hope.

I should not be fooling myself but I keep playing to the same joke.

But I know somewhere in the depths of my being.

That my impossible wish be granted.

But I know that I was holding on to something that didn’t exist anymore.

I need to let go of this delusion.

 That you will be mine, and I am yours.source: http://insertyourpleaofattention.tumblr.com/