I’ll never hate you. Rather, I’ll wish for your happiness

Je VousRemercie
Je VousRemercie

That cold-night years ago, was one to remember.

My heart was broken.

I thought I’d never find someone to love again.

You were special. You were different from them.

You have shown me kindness in the little things.

Maybe that was the reason I fell hard for you.

I believe that there is a right person to end up with for everyone.

Unfortunately, that fate was not ours to share.

I took in the fact that it was not the time to love someone else.

I don’t blame you for not choosing me.

I know I lack a lot of things, then and even now.

I’ll never hate you. Rather, I’ll wish for your happiness.

Through the years, I learned to accept and better myself.

Not for you, not for anyone, except for my own good.

Eventually, I did find someone for me and I was happy.

Looking back, things worked out well for the both of us.

But, know this: I will forever treasure that experience

The happiness that started from the “you and me” that could never be

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Author’s Note: Title loosely means “I thank you or I am grateful” in French