Like a Lingering Kiss, I Will Always Come Back To You For More

The Lingering Kiss

by: Clark Dale Streinia

Il Lungo Bacio

The sweetness of those lips. How I wish they were next to mine.
I have laid with women in bed, but never with one I can call my lady.
I know I am confident when approaching others.
With you, I feel so clueless.

Questions fill my head.
Will I be the right man for you?
Will you accept me for who I am?
Can I make you happy?

I’ve been chasing the ideal called you.
But each time I get close, I stop.
I see you with another. It pains me.
I keep wishing that it was me instead.

Every time I get passionate, I wish the reason was you.
Every time I kiss someone, I wish it was you I lock lips with.
Every time I plow into another’s body, I wish it was you feeling me.
Every time the excitement dies down, I wish it was you I hold.

I like you.
I want you.
I need you.
I love you.

You are someone worth giving up my old ways.
You are someone I want to spend my life and grow old with.
You are someone to love with everything I am.
Like a lingering kiss, I will always come back to you for more.

It was never meant to turn out this way for now.
My biggest regret is not taking that risk for you.
The chance to be your man slips day by day.
I don’t know if I should give up or keep fighting.

I tried my best to move on. But it’s always the same.
After all these years, the doors to my heart remain open only to you.
I keep hope that someday, when I wake, I find you beside me.
Until then, you are mine in dreams alone.

Il Lungo Bacio

Author’s Note: Title means “the long kiss” or “the lingering kiss”