Eating your way around 20 places in Binondo

Top 20 Binondo Restaurants

Photo from @anicasandiego
Photo from @anicasandiego

Ever heard of a place in Manila called Binondo? It is currently one of the many places in development for the thriving Filipino-Chinese community. But of course, I’m not going to talk about that. You came here for places to eat, and I’ll point you where to go.

I have spent the better part of my 5 years working in Binondo and I usually go out and about on the weekends or weeknights to sample the good food of our Filipino-Chinese friends. I haven’t gotten around to eating at all the resto’s but here is a good reference below (in alphabetical order). I won’t give out the addresses for now, but ask the locals and they’ll point you to the right direction.  I won’t put out the impressions of mall restos or the local haunts since it takes out all the fun in exploring.

Tip: Using chopsticks well earns you bonus points with the locals. Don’t force it.

  1. AngTunay Beef House
  • Budget: P 200-300 per person
  • A hidden gem of a resto. If you want a beer to go along with your food, this is a good place to lounge around with its retro atmosphere. They serve some exotic meals such as pigeon, black chicken and eel.
  • Recommended Orders: Fried Bituka (think a cross between pork isaw and chicharonbituka, had to order a beer after the first bite).
  1. MoonLeaf+Bunnies Café
  • Budget: P 80-150 per person
  • It’s not about the food, this place is more on the drinks. Possibly the only board game café in Binondo, you would want to come here to relax and play some games with your buddies. For every 300 pesos single purchase, you get 1 hour free of games of your choice.
  1. Café Mezzanine
  • Budget: P700 for 3 persons
  • This fire-station themed place is very cozy and the ambience is good for meetings.
  1. ChuanKee
  • Budget: P70-200 per person
  • Just below Café Mezzanine, this establishment often is the place to have lunch if you are on a tight budget. Their Maki (Chinese equivalent of Pares), is always a crowd-pleaser.
  • Recommended Orders: Kiampong, Beef Maki, Adobo Egg, Lechon Macau.
  1. Escolta Ice Cream and Snacks
  • Budget: P150-200 ; more if you avail their ice cream
  • An easy-to-miss place in escolta, this small canteen-style resto indulges you in their icecream to go along with their meals. Their set meals come with a small scoop of as ice cream of choice. Or you can just buy a pint and eat there, whatever makes you happy.
  • Recommended Orders: Avocado Ice Cream (Do it!!),
  1. Estero Fast Food / LGA Fast Food
  • Budget: P 700 for 3 persons
  • What’s not to love about this crowd favorite? It’s affordable, filling and delicious. The place is easy to overlook but you can always get a seat be it on open air or the A/C rooms.
  • Recommended Orders: Oyster Cake, Butter Chicken, Fish Fillet Hot Pot, Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs, Frog Legs (whenever available).
  1. Lam Dynasty
  • Budget: P 150 per person
  • Much like Estero, this resto inside a building has a wide variety of viands and rice to choose from. Though, if you find it hard to decide, they have set meals that will fill you up real good.
  • Recommended Orders: Beef and Mushroom Set Meal
  1. Lan Zhou La Mien
  • Budget: P160-250 per person
  • A new comer in the noodle scene, their noodle bowls are filling and you also have the option of rice meals if you’re not in the mood for noodles. Their noodles are hand-pulled so you can guarantee its freshness.
  1. Ling Nam
  • Budget: P140-200 per person
  • One of the long-time noodle places that also serves up congee in the morning. They are generous with their toppings and one bowl will usually suffice for a meal (add a siopao if you feel extra hungry).
  • Recommended Orders: Wanton Asado Beef Mami and Lotus Cream Siopao (yes, you heard it right).
  1. Masuki
  • Budget: P 150-250 per person
  • This is where the people go for good siopao. The noodles are a nice accompaniment to the siopao.
  • Recommended Orders: Jumbo Asado Siopao (do it!)
  1. Ube House
  • Budget: P 200-300 per person
  • A restaurant subsidiary of Eng Bee Tin, this one serves a good variety of noodles. Go this way if you are on the spicy side of things. Their viands are also tasty if you aren’t a noodle person. Try their lava buchi,the green tea variant is a guilty pleasure.
  • Recommended Orders: ShabuLaksa Noodles, Lava Buchi
  1. Mei Sum Tea House
  • Budget: P 1300 for 5 persons.
  • If you are looking for a group dining place, this is a good one to be. They also offer shabu-style menus when requested. Their egg tarts and buchi is best eaten in the morning.
  • Recommended: Egg Tart, Buchi, Sweet and Sour Pork
  1. New Po Heng
  • Budget: P60-150 per person
  • This is the place to get a good lumpiangsariwa. And their sauce is good enough on its own.
  • Recommended: Premium LumpiangSariwa
  1. Ra-mien Place
  • Budget: P150-250 per person
  • A small place in the middle of Ongpin Street, they serve both broth and dry noodles. Their Dry noodles are a must try. Their milk tea selections fit on usually every item on the menu.
  • Recommended Orders: Braised Beef Dry Noodles and Wintermelon Milk Tea
  1. Shanghai Fried Siopao
  • Budget: P18 per piece
  • While not a resto, this is where you get good fried siopao for a cheap price.
  • Recommended: Fried Siopao
  1. Sidewalk Café
  • Budget: P 200-250 per person
  • Come here for coffee and pastry. Their cakes are notable to go along with their brewed coffee blends.
  1. Sincerity Restaurant
  • Budget: P 600for 3 persons
  • Hailed as the best fried chicken in Binondo, it backs up the claim with sizable portions both for dine-in and take-out.
  • Recommended Orders: Fried Chicken (do it!)
  1. Tasty Dumplings
  • Budget: P 120-150 per person.
  • Just behind Binondo Church, this establishment made me believe that noodles and porkchops can work together. Their porkchop is usually larger than your hand, and tasty too. Your noodles can come in broth form or the tossed version having a separate broth.
  • Recommended Orders: Pork Chop Tossed Noodles.
  1. Wai Ying
  • Budget: P 200-300 per person
  • Another crowd favorite. This place draws in people every single day. Their dimsum is one to write home about with the cost being too good to be true. They also have a deli nearby if you want to take home some asado, peking duck or frozen goods for take home. They also sell noodles and rice meals but people come here mostly for their dimsum.
  • Recommended Orders: Hakaw, Fried Dumpling, Chicken Feet, Seafood Roll
  1. Ying Ying Tea House
  • Budget: P 120-200 per person
  • Often said as the sister resto of Wai Ying, while their dimsum is subject for debate, the rice meals and congee’s are good sellers here.
  • Recommended Orders: Asado Rice Meal, Fish Fillet Congee

There you have 20 of the places I will recommend to you. But, if there’s anything I can tell you more about, it’s that you will never run out of places to eat here as long as you keep moving and follow the scent of food.