How to Identify Fake Drugs (From Unilab)

A warning posted by Unilab about fake medications is now circulating to social media:

“When it comes to buying medicines, it pays to distinguish the authentic from the counterfeit. Be in the know at all time. Here are some ways you can tell if a drug is fake.” – Unilab

How to Identify Fake Drugs (From Unilab)

The above photo shows how to distinguish if a drug is FAKE or authentic by comparing the differences of each drug according to its color,batch/lot #, packaging and pattern. It’s alarming to see that these common over the counter drugs in the Philippines is being sold to the local market and being consumed by people. Saddening because if you bought fake medicines, there’s no telling what it might do to you.

Here is an example of a consumer validating this warning:

How to Identify Fake Drugs (From Unilab)

This photo posted by Keziah De la Rama, he said that :“I experienced that with Bioflu. Napansin ko agad na fake kase faint ung color. Nabili ko lang sa small sari-sari store, nagtitinda sila ng common meds. Tapos bumili ako sa mercury drug to compare.”

(I experienced that with Bioflu, I noticed that it was fake as the pill itself was faintly colored. I bought it in a neighborhood store that sells common medicine. I also bought the same medicine from Mercury Drug Store to compare)

Notice the difference? As per the warnings, both pill and packaging show telltale signs of counterfeiting.

How to Identify Fake Drugs (From Unilab)
(This picture posted by Keziah De la Rama also shows the name printed is different.)

Front packaging shows BIOFLU and back packaging appears to be BLOFLU.


How to Identify Fake Drugs (From Unilab)

Keziah De la Rama compared the color of the packaging and we can see the difference between authentic and fake.

How to Identify Fake Drugs (From Unilab)

Another photo, posted by JoyneeJhunelBajado Bautista shows the pattern differences of the authentic and fake paracetamol. The fake shows dotted lines, while the authentic is diamond .The visibility of the batch number  is also hard to read while original shows complete details.

As this is a serious matter concerning the health of not only our own but our loved ones as well, please disseminate this vital information as you might as well end up saving someone’s life by letting them know this warning. This is your right as consumers.

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