To The Next Person I’m Gonna Love

Having been a selfless lover, I’d like to warn you that I’m not going to be one anymore.

I’m going to demand a lot of things that I didn’t before.

I’m going to demand your attention.

I won’t settle for a couple of text messages a day.

I’m going to demand your time.

I won’t settle for once a week meetings.

I’m going to demand that you court me.

I won’t settle for meeting half way.

I’m going to demand for surprises.

I won’t settle for scheduled dates.

and I’m going to demand for romance.

I won’t settle for being treated like one of the boys.

Because I am tired of being the convenient girlfriend. I am tired of being the one who is always available. The one who instantly compromises everything. The one who always adjusts. The one who always gets left behind.

I long to demand things from you that I wasn’t able to experience before..because I’ve always been the biased lover who settled for contentment.

To The Next Person I'm Gonna Love