After the recent news about the nurse and filmmaker Emir Bautista, who is set to create a video about the plight of the Filipino nurse [click to view article], we managed to get in touch with him to secure an interview about the said project.

To have a brief background, Emir Bautista’s film project will narrate the struggles of Filipino nurses,both local and abroad.

We have asked him a few relevant questions:
1. What encouraged you to document this story?

“Filipino Nurses are the most abused profession in this country. Back in 2007 – 2012, there was rampant “false volunteerism” which was abused by many medical institutions due to the dire need of nurses while being short on budget. Many of our OFW nurses were victims of illegal recruitments and many lives were misguided.
Numerous schools and universities opened nursing courses accommodating a volume of hopeful students, many of which today,shifted careers from the current situation.
Securing a decent job as a nurse is difficult and the salary only ranges from P5,000.00 – P9,000.00. They are prone to be overworked as well as underpaid due to restrictions imposed by the hospitals in compensation.”

2. Where will you get the funds to support the project?

“As of now, we are planning to create a short series that can hopefully air out the sacrifices of our fellow nurses both here and all over the world. We have received a generous amount of support from the nursing community (based from the amount of responses I have read) and from there, funds are sure to follow. But for now, we will try to work it out with what we have.

We are not keen of going to politicians for financial aid. It’s really easy to say that they support us. “Kung talagang sinusuportahan nila kami, dapat dati pa maayus na angpamumuhay ng mga Filipino Nurses” (“If they really support us, the lives of Filipino Nurses would already be manageable”)”

3. What kind of stories will you feature in the video?

“We are still in pitch for the most compelling story about “BUHAY NARS”. I am asking the help of nurses worldwide to help me share their stories. Every nurse has a right to tell their story. Support is overflowing. Producers are volunteering. We are now ready to tell your story.”

If you’re a nurse or someone who is related to or friends with a nurse, let us hear their stories. You can directly send it to us .


We will make it heard.