An Open Letter From The One Who Loves You, An Ocean Away

photo by:longdistancers.tumblr

Dear Beloved,

I remember your face when you saw me off at the airport. I held back the tears to be strong for you. My heart says don’t leave but I have to for both our sakes. I keep thinking that I will miss you even as I walk to my place, an ocean away.

I promised to myself we would make this work. Day in and day out, I make it a point to contact you. Even if it’s just lines of text, a picture, or voice bits, I was happy to connect with you.

I wanted to make it so that you were involved in my adventures abroad. All the while thinking that this would have been better if you were here.

You never left my mind and heart. There were days where I just wanted to come home to the sight of you but all I see is an empty house and a bed for one.

There were times where I wanted to hold you when either of us were down but I make do with hugging a pillow wishing it was you.

When your important days or holidays came, I wanted to be a part of it with you. I have to thank my friends back there for pulling through and never making you feel alone. But I wish I was there to see your happy face.

I keep counting the days where I can board the plane back home and you will be the first person I will go to. Where I just show up out of nowhere and say “Hi, I’m back” with the biggest smile on my face.

The time will come when you and I will never be bound by the limits of the screen. Where the warmth you feel is not artificial. Where my lips will finally taste the sweetness of yours once again.Where I will erase the pent up loneliness you have felt with me all the time I was away.

Wait for me. I’ll be home soon. And I will never leave again without you.

Yours Faithfully,

(Name withheld)

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