New Zealand: Through a Traveller’s Eyes

New Zealand: Through a Traveller’s Eyes

Reasons Why I Love New Zealand and Why You Should Visit

When we hear about New Zealand, often it is described as the filming location of the movie “The Lord of the Rings” to which the scenery was defined as epic.

The film’s production crew chose wisely. Indeed, New Zealand is one of the breathtaking places on the planet.

The country may seem geographically far and away at first glance. However, the beauty of the place will make your stay worthwhile and be fondly remembered once you leave.

I am a Filipino that came here from my motherland about a year ago for work and studies. I was enamored by the grandeur of this country. And I wanted to share what I have experienced so far for people considering to travel here.

Here are some of the reasons why I love New Zealand and why you should visit:

1. The scenery – Breathtaking is the norm in this place that is well-maintained by the local people. Expect to be overwhelmed by places that photographs barely do justice to.

They offer a wide range of beaches, mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, and even the occasional volcano.

Any of these places can be visited within a day either with local tours or contacts.

For the adventurous, if you want to explore the whole country, you have the option to use a private vehicle to wander the sights and sounds.

Don’t worry about getting lost as every town has an information center available to help tourists and local campers.

2. Safety – Travellers can be at ease with the low rates of crime in this country.

If you are one to explore the wilderness but are wary of snakes, suspicious plants and creatures, fret not, the majority of flora and fauna is safe. Though it doesn’t hurt to be careful.

3. Less Crowded – If you are weary of crowds and noise that comes with it, you are in luck: you can afford to relax and be at peace alone or with a good company if you wish to do so given the low population here.

4. The Climate – For the most part, it’s just right. It’s neither blazing hot or blistering cold around these parts although they are in the region of 4 seasons.

Most notable of the seasons is in summer where it is perfect for traveling as the sun is shining along with a gentle, refreshing breeze.

This is New Zealand through my eyes. I hope you can come and experience this too.

To have a better idea what I am talking about, check out my travel vlog.

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