Funniest #RP612Fic Independence Day Tweets

Ah, the timeless wit and sense of humor of fellow Filipinos. June 12 marks the independence day for the Philippines and users in response took to the popular social media app, Twitter to revive the #RP612Fic trend to showcase nationalism with a good laugh. Featuring national heroes set in modern times. The tweets below make for an amusing read.


Looking for a ride?  Grab a Karwahe

Apolinario Mabini be like:

tag your malanding classmate:

Where na u bebegurl ?



The Nations Hokage


Snapchat firssst!

I will emilio

Poor mabini again


Nurse Sora

#pogiproblems – Rizal version

how to be you po

why so pogi Rizal


Do check out the rest of the tweets on twitter if you find yourself wanting more.. Happy independence!
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