[DISCOVER] A Culinary Sneak Attack Courtesy of Sushi Ninja

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Sushi Ninja Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Nestled inside the Commercial Plaza of West Gate, Alabang this seemingly small establishment hides a den of skilled chefs and staff spearheaded by owner Matthew Floro-Tanjuakio on a mission to satisfy the hunger of new patrons and regulars alike with its assortment of modern and traditional Japanese fare since it opened in 2014.sushi ninja(Enter, the Den of Ninjas) – Sushi Ninja

Me and my lady decided to visit Sushi Ninja from recommendations of her friend to try the place out. And we were impressed at every aspect of the restaurant.

Interior: Sushi Ninja

sushi ninjaPhoto from: janego.netvioletvisionary.wordpress.com 1Photo from: violetvisionary.wp

The place itself can fit about 30-40 people comfortably. The lighting is adequate whether it be artificial or natural. Tables are neatly arranged with no shortage of needed condiments and chopsticks.

And if you are looking for traces of ninjas:

janego.net 1Photo from: janego.net


They serve their service green tea in both hot and cold variants. We both took the hot tea for personal preference. You can taste the roasted flavor of the tea. They also have Japanese beer on tap as well as sake.

sushi ninja(the only condiments you will need) – photo by: electrounicorn

Now on to the dishes.

For a safe start, we have ordered a Salmon Sashimi.

sushi ninja

Where do I start with this? First, look at it.sushi ninja(This could use more than 7 slices but that’s just me being greedy)

Look at how thick and fresh those slices are. Wasabi is optional as their soy sauce can hold its own.

Tip: Instead of mixing the wasabi in the soy sauce, try taking a bit and just rub it on the fish before dipping. That way, you can decide first if plain soy can be better.

Then we decided to move to the modern stuff:

sushi ninjaphoto by: paoorpilla

(From Left to Right: Okinawa-toshi, Ginza-toshi, Sakura Maki, Stuffed Shitake)

Pictures don’t do this justice to see how big each portion actually is. For a large person, they can take each piece on in a single bite, provided they have to stretch their jaws to almost the limit.

Tip: If you can’t eat sushi in one go, take a bite just enough to get a bit of everything.

stuffed shitake

You can definitely taste the kick of the spicy tuna and the special sauce while not overpowering the mushrooms. Mushrooms done right.

[DISCOVER] A Culinary Sneak Attack Courtesy of Sushi Ninjasakura makiWe did not expect the generous amount of bonito flakes being put in. The flavors go well together in one bite. You do not even need to dip this in soy sauce as the spicy mayo takes the maki up a notch.

Speaking of which, I wonder if they put up their spicy mayo for sale. I’d like to buy some.

toshi sushiLastly, the toshi (fried sushi balls) is the new contender on the sushi stage.

These little balls of heart attack may just be the end of me. The rice balls are lightly battered and the fish topping placed last.

Tip: Eat them while they are still warm. If you let them cool, the bottom of the battered rice part turns greasy.ginza toshiDSC04563-600x398photo from: janego.net

This comes across as the least surprising of the things we have eaten. Don’t get me wrong, this still tastes good with the mix of the salmon and fish eggs, but compared with the rest, this falls a bit short of expectations. This could use more spiciness to balance out the sweetness of the sauce.

okinawa toshiokinawa toshi

What can I say about this gem? The moment the cream cheese explodes in your mouth and melds with the battered rice, you are in for a wild ride. The taste of the truffle oil is felt once you begin to chew on the entire toshi. Excellent.


The staff is very attentive and will explain the items on the menu if you have difficulty in deciding. The place also features giving a temporary receipt to check the running bill before you pay.


I would recommend eating at this place on payday. The price is just right for the taste but you might get carried away with spending on the good offerings here.

Final Verdict:

I can say I am satisfied with Sushi Ninja. Will I see myself again at this place? Definitely. If you are looking for something innovative for your sushi, Sushi Ninja will fit the bill.

The taste will sneak up on you like its namesake and kill you with delicious flavor.

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Instagram: @sushininjaph


Sushi Ninja Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Westgate Center, Filinvest , Alabang
1780 Muntinlupa City
Phone: 0917 837 8744