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The still-in-development app Night Terrors, has one intriguing kink that’s extremely comparable to Pokemon Go players right now: play in real world.

Similar to Pokemon Go, the gameplay brings together actual-life environment along with coming from a virtual universe. In its situation, ‘frightening’ virtual things.

Created by Novum Analytics, NIGHT TERRORS is insane. It utilizes your phone’s accelerometer, camera, flash, microphone, gyroscope, and GPS to create a precise map of your home as you engage in. This indicates the “augmented” haunted house in the gameplay is exact to your actual home, and the games effects are structured to your real life.

Look at a sample of exactly how the program operates in one of the gameplay’s official teaser:

Watch : NIGHT TERRORS Trailer

Experiencing your environment converted into a haunted house delivers excitement different from the typical video gaming experience of sitting down on a couch and handling a character onscreen.

Creators (Novum Analytics) discuss in a article on their Facebook page that the adventure will begin in Halloween.

In the same article, they note the production method has never been that simple and easy. They point out this stretch of the development period, the lead-up to the launch, will certainly be “one of the tougher times we’ve faced as a company.”

The trial will be introduced in the App Store for $0.99 (P46.04) furthermore at a yet-to-be-specified launching date.

According to the game makers, the actual earnings through the trial will enable them “to bring on more developers to help with the Halloween release”

The game is at the moment scheduled for release on the iOS. Android and Windows Phone versions will follow based to the game’s campaign site on crowdfunding website

Here’s another trailer of the game below: Night Terrors

Gameplay takes place at home, soon after dark, with the lights out and your headphones on.