The #Hugot Song Of 2016 – Wag Mong Aminin by Rico Blanco

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The #Hugot Song Of 2016 – Wag Mong Aminin by Rico Blanco

Featuring Ramon Bautista as well as Dianne Medina, “Wag Mong Aminin’s” MV starts off with a couple having conversation, with the guy questioning the lady the dreadful “Masaya ka pa ba?” issue. It’s then simply followed by other partners in various (and relatable) apparently difficult circumstances. The moving moments, in addition to Rico’s sentimental music definitely will get one sense you hardly ever considered you possibly have.

Here you go: #feels – Wag Mong Aminin by Rico Blanco

The track is off of Rico’s newest album, Dating Gawi, that was launched under Universal Records Philippines last year.

The melody is related to the excruciating, soul-busting experience of falling away of love—along with denying to oneself that it is in fact happening.

Get ready, Rico Blanco’s latest song single is positive to create a tear, or two, drop.