8 Best Dessert Places in Glorietta

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Best Dessert Places in Glorietta

Sweets-Goodies-Treats-Cakes are a MUST after meals!

For today’s short read, we’re putting the spotlight on Glorietta Mall in Makati along with the various selections of dessert outlets accessible in the spot. Looking for the best places to appease your sweet tooth? Here’s a list.

#1 Mochicream Cafe

Being the first matcha dedicated cafe in the country, Matcha cafe is well known for its authentic imported Japanese mochicream.

Aside from the mochi, the cafe also offers other matcha creations for patrons and newbies alike.

you are sure to be nuts about this creation

and in case you prefer something cooler

diet friendly? maybe yes.

#2 LlaoLlao (yao yao)

Get your daily dose of yogurt, healthy and delish. Choose from many combinations of your favorite fruits, chocolate syrups plus toppings.

keep calp and eat yogurt! with chocolate.

if you need a little more sweetness, caramel sauce is here for you

#3 Paper Moon Cafe

A trendy crepe cake shop in New York now here in PH. Paper Moon cafe will impress you with their 20 layers of  paper thin crepes.

Sometimes, you just need a cake.. with matcha

#4 Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe

Hobing Korean Dessert Cafe offers wide choices of bingsu creations , you can pick 10 flavors to create a wonderful bingsu treat.

the best time for bingsu is always!

all you need is love , and a bingsu

#5 Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

If you need a cupcake , go directly to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. This trendy cake shop will offer you amazing cupcakes of your choice such as oreo cheesecake, red velvet and even chocolate nutella.

you cant be sad when your’e holding a cupcake.

When you look at a cupcake, you’ve got to smile dear.

#6 Dulcelin Gourmet

Dulcelin Gourmet is known for their very own best-selling Mango Torte!

When life give you lemons, throw it back and say ” I said i wanted a Mango! “

#7 Cafe Shibuya

Cafe Shibuya is a Japanese-inspired dessert cafe that offers crispy plus fluffy Shibuya toasts.

Sweet meets savory. must try now!

#8 Cheesecake, etc

The best place to get the perfect cheesecake in town. (all kinds!)

cause life tastes better after a slice of cheesecake

life can always be sweeter, eat dessert first!

image source: instagram