What is The Difference Between GEEKS and NERD?

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Of Nerds and Geeks

You’ve all heard kids and teens these days put on large glasses and muse to themselves (or at social media): “I’m such a nerd”, or people picking on the un-assuming bookworm and calling them “geek” as if it makes them cool.

Either of them can wear cool shirts like this:


(credits: FB @SelectStartArmor)

And unless you talk to them, you’re probably sticking to stereotypes.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the rational universe, allow me to briefly introduce what defines a “geek” and what defines a “nerd” and why you should be friends with each.  Let’s get the looks out of the way as we all know that it is deceptive.

A quick table for your consideration:

ObsessionsBroad KnowledgeSpecific Interests
In games they areCompletionists (Explores the game and what it offers)Goal-Oriented (ex. Being the best in PVP)
Talking with themConversation will branch out to other related thingsConversation would lead deeper and deeper to the same interest
When dealing with unfamiliar knowledge“This might be useful for me”“This doesn’t concern me”
If they know more than youThey will teach youThey will show it, loud and proud
If you beat them at their own gameEither asks for tips or changes gamesThey will fight you again and again until you can’t beat them anymore
Why you should be friends with them?Broadens your horizonsThey will push you far ahead
They always haveAn ArchiveA Collection

Geeks vs Nerds
From: MastersInIt.org

There you have it folks, the more you know.

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