Be the “Pro” in GoPro with these new products – GoPro Hero 5 Black

Be the “Pro” in GoPro with these new products

Get hyped for the new wave of GoPro merchandise


GoPro has disappeared from the spotlight for quite some time now; a two year period from the previous Hero camera, approximately a year since the smaller Session camera, as well a rumored mysterious GoPro drone.

Today’s your lucky day. GoPro is coming out with its new product line.

Take a good look at the upcoming items: three completely new action cameras, a drone, and interesting accessories.  They come with a handheld gimbal, external microphone/remote combos, and even a nifty $19 adapter to instantly synchronize your video clips to your phone.

go pro hero 5

The Hero5 Black ($399), Hero5 Session ($299), and its Karma drone ($799). The cameras are obtainable on October 2, and the drone comes after on October 23.

What’s included: GoPro Hero5 black comes with a frame mount (as the camera itself is 10m waterproof). 2 Adhesive mounts and a USB-C cable


GoPro CEO Nick Woodman on Monday revealed the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session. Both cameras are designed for taking 4k video, plus electronic image stabilization and a fantastic feature that supports voice controls in multiple languages.The Hero 5 Black also features a 2-inch touchscreen display, GPS, three microphones, and is now waterproof up to 30 feet without requiring an additional case.

The main new features of GoPro Hero 5 are:

  • Touch Display | GoPro Hero 5

User friendly Touch screen to preview and play back your shots, change settings and trim your footage

  • 10m /33ft waterproof without case | GoPro Hero 5

Waterproof less the housing. How cool is that?

  • 1-Button Control | GoPro Hero 5

1 click and it will start capturing shots

  • Video Stabilization | GoPro Hero 5

Hero 5 cameras will also have “professional grade” electronic, or digital, image stabilization. It’s something GoPro has never offered before

  • Voice Control | GoPro Hero 5

Just talk with voice command (hands free ), the camera will capture a photo.

  • Location Capture (GPS recording) | GoPro Hero 5

Finally GoPro Hero 5 has the feature to automatically add the location where your photos and videos were taken.

  • Auto upload to cloud | GoPro Hero 5

Capture without the hassle of uploading, GoPro Hero 5 automatically uploads photos and videos directly to the cloud for convenient viewing, editing and sharing on the go. (subscription needed)

  • Resolution / Frame Rates | GoPro Hero 5


30, 25 fps Wide FOV

24 fps SuperView, Wide FOV


60, 50, 48, 24 fps Wide, Medium, Linear FOV

30, 25 fps SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear FOV

2.7K 4:3

30, 25 fps Wide FOV


120 fps Wide, Narrow FOV

90 fps Wide FOV

80 fps SuperView FOV

60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24 fps SuperView, Wide, Medium, Linear, Narrow FOV


240 fps Narrow FOV

120, 60, 50 fps SuperView, Wide, Medium, Narrow FOV

100 fps SuperView FOV

30, 25 fps Wide, Medium, Narrow FOV

Most users expected 4K in 60fps or a even higher resolution like 8K, but GoPro Hero 5 sticks with the same resolution as Hero 4 black.

The new “linear” FOV mode removes the fisheye effect automatically.

  • Photo Resolution | GoPro Hero 5

12 MP, GoPro Hero 5 black’s sensor is 12MP, RAW + WDR photos!

  • Burst Rate | GoPro Hero 5

GoPro Hero 5 black can do up to 30 frames in one sec.

  • Connectivity & Ports | GoPro Hero 5

The camera offers built in WIFI and Bluetooth.

Offers mic in via optional adapter (sold separately),

Hero 5 features USB-C (!) & micro HDMI port,

and a microSD port for cards with at least a Class 10 or UHS-I rating.

  • Battery | GoPro Hero 5

Battery of GoPro Hero 5 black was upgraded from 1160 mAh in Hero 4 to a rechargeable 1220mAh lithium-ion battery.

Watch GoPro Hero 5 Black Below


GoPro Karma


Finally, the GoPro Karma, a compact and foldable drone that fits inside of a backpack. The drone comes with a flip-up touchscreen controller, which the company said makes it simple to pilot for newbies or even skilled users. The Karma’s stabilizers can also be removed and mounted on a bike, helmet or car, or inserted into the included “Karma Grip” handheld stabilizer.


The GoPro Karma drone will be available on October 23 for $799. The drone works with the Hero 4 Silver, Hero 4 Black and Hero 5 products. GoPro will be offering the drone as part of a bundle with either the Hero 5 Black or Hero 5 Session. The Karma and Session bundle will retail for $999, while the Karma and Black bundle will cost $1099.

Check out GoPro Karma Video below:

For GoPro fans, this is truly a huge improvement. GoPro’s preceding flagship, the Hero4 Black, was lacking a display screen, although the mid-range Hero4 Silver had one. At this point, at long last, you don’t have to choose between frame rates and ease of use.

(Note: All photos/Videos in this post at this time from and/or their launch event)


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